Protect Your Home Through The Year.


The beginning of the year is a time to plan for the upcoming year. One thing that is never planned for is a disaster. While disasters are usually sudden and unexpected, having a plan is the best way to prepare for the worst.

The above graph outlines the relative activity and danger that Termites, Bedbugs, Floods pose to your homes and families.

Floods are prevalent across the country as heavy rain and snowfalls saturate the ground in the winter. Then, when the snow melts, and continued spring rains fall, the ground can’t hold anymore water and floods are caused. Flash floods are also a danger, especially in drought prone areas that have sudden heavy downpours.

Termites pose a threat to your house almost all year round. Subterranean termites are active mostly during summer because the ground is softer and easier for them to burrow into your homes. However,they can be active all year round in temperate places that don’t get too cold. Another major type of termite is the drywood termite. These termites breed and live primarily inside houses and only leave to start new colonies. Because they aren’t affected as much by the outside weather they are active all year but swarmers are most commonly seen during the summer months.

Bedbugs are another pest that pose problems, not so much to your houses but to families and health. Bedbugs become more active in warmer climates. Bedbugs can also travel anywhere on clothing or in luggage. That is why the season for bedbugs is during peak travel months.

We hope this information helps you plan for your home maintenance in the upcoming years. If you need help taking care of any of these problems, using clean, pure heat visit our website or call our office at 805 641 9333.


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