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How do you protect workers from heat exhaustion? Do consultants require specific heat illness prevention safety measures as a part of a spec?

An increasing number of restoration contractors are utilizing high temperatures to dry water-damaged structures. Temperatures inside the structure are frequently heated over 105F and as high as 150F. What types of protection is available for workers in these conditions?

In 2005 the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, investigated twenty-five cases of heat related illnesses that occurred between May and November of that year.  The cases investigated involved only men employed in various industries including agriculture, construction, transportation, service and public safety.  Over two-thirds of the individuals spoke Spanish as their primary language. The work performed was described as moderate in regard to degree of strain required to complete the tasks.  These 25 incidences resulted in 13 deaths and 9 hospitalizations greater than 24 hours, some for significantly longer times. As a result, Cal-OSHA has since developed a Standard for Heat Illness Prevention and incorporated it into Title 8. Part of the requirement is a prevention program.

Do most restoration contractors have a Heat Illness Prevention program and what does it consist of? Do consultants typically specify Heat Illness Prevention?

ThermaPure in Cleaning & Restoration Magazine

What is the advantage of using ThermaPure? A new article in C&R magazine, a publication by the Restoration Industry Association (RIA), answers this question. Check out the article, entitled “Why Heat Over 105 Degrees F” in this months issue.

C&R ThermaPure Article 1 Cover