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What Does a Bed Bug Look Like?

When you first begin to suspect you have bed bugs, you probably haven’t even seen them yet. You may wonder, “How big is a bedbug, what does it even look like?” For your reference and convenience, here is a bedbug image guide.

Here is an image of a bedbug next to a penny, you can see how small it is:

Bedbug with penny

Here is a picture of a bedbug on a cotton swab, this gives you a closer look at one:

bedbug on q-tip

Here is an image we took of a bedbug next to a small paperclip:

bedbug and blurry paperclip

Here is a photograph of a bedbug next to the tip of a pencil:

Bedbug with Pencil

This is a photo of a bedbug next to a stamp:

Bedbug stamp travel closeup

Here is a bedbug compared with a seed on lined paper:

closeup bedbug and seed

As you can see, from far away they would look similar:

Bedbug with seed

Here is an picture of a bedbug on a scale, you can see how small it is, it doesn’t weigh much:

Closeup bed bug on scale

We hope these pictures have helped you to see how big (or rather small) a bed bug is. ThermaPure has a long history of treating structures for bed bugs. If you have a problem with them, please contact us.