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What Does a Bed Bug Look Like?

When you first begin to suspect you have bed bugs, you probably haven’t even seen them yet. You may wonder, “How big is a bedbug, what does it even look like?” For your reference and convenience, here is a bedbug image guide.

Here is an image of a bedbug next to a penny, you can see how small it is:

Bedbug with penny

Here is a picture of a bedbug on a cotton swab, this gives you a closer look at one:

bedbug on q-tip

Here is an image we took of a bedbug next to a small paperclip:

bedbug and blurry paperclip

Here is a photograph of a bedbug next to the tip of a pencil:

Bedbug with Pencil

This is a photo of a bedbug next to a stamp:

Bedbug stamp travel closeup

Here is a bedbug compared with a seed on lined paper:

closeup bedbug and seed

As you can see, from far away they would look similar:

Bedbug with seed

Here is an picture of a bedbug on a scale, you can see how small it is, it doesn’t weigh much:

Closeup bed bug on scale

We hope these pictures have helped you to see how big (or rather small) a bed bug is. ThermaPure has a long history of treating structures for bed bugs. If you have a problem with them, please contact us.

Alliance Environmental Group Receives the 2015 ThermaPure® Best Practices Performance Award


David Hedman, CEO of ThermaPure, Inc., announced the company’s first “Best Practices” Award to Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. The annual award was developed to recognize the ThermaPure licensee that best exemplifies the combination of performance and quality in delivering the ThermaPureHeat process.

“The application of elevated temperatures to a structure is a complex process and only the well trained are able to perform this successfully,” stated Hedman. “Alliance has repeatedly demonstrated this ability through their project success, training and quality control programs, and certainly management. We are extremely proud to recognize Alliance and their outstanding performance.”

In the past three years Alliance has steadily increased the number of ThermaPure projects and will complete well over 2000 ThermaPureHeat projects in 2015. What is significant about this performance is that in each of these three years, Alliance has decreased the number of heat related damages. To date in 2015 the cost of damages has been less than .5% of heat revenues.This is an impressive number and a reflection of an outstanding team effort.


Alliance uses the ThermaPure technology in Pest Control for bed bugs and termites and for Environmental projects including the management of biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. Alliance recently had significant success using the technology for odors, including smoke. They have done restorative drying on water loss projects, particularly those involving contamination where structural pasteurization is effective.

Joe McLean, CEO of Alliance Environmental Group says “ThermaPure technology has been a great addition in the Alliance portfolio of services.  It has helped us reach clients and successfully serve them using a revolutionary new method.”

Alliance Environmental Group’s mission is to be the leading environmental services company by delivering innovative, customer-driven solutions to our clients and partners. We continuously strive to set the industry standard by providing safe, efficient, high-quality services; relying on our quality of service, industry expertise, and honest communication; consistently providing a safe environment; and adapting existing services as needed to keep up with our rapidly changing communities.

ThermaPure is delighted with Alliance’s success with the ThermaPureHeat process. Alliance is making a major, green contribution, with this technology. As they perform thousands of ThermaPure projects, they are replacing tons of toxic pesticide chemicals which protects the health of our communities and ecosystems.